The Original Vehicle

    As you can see, the Original Vehicle was just that.. the original. A prototype to test out my idea of two in the front, one in the back, etc. The reason I called it the Vehicle was because I didn't want to give it a name it couldn't live up to. Vehicle just about described it.

I had gotten my first full-time job as a teacher in Pittsylvania County Schools (finally living on my own in Danville, VA) when I decided to build the Vehicle. It took several years of designing, sleepless nights, sketching, figuring, accumulating (often useless) parts, fabricating, welding, assembling, finishing, and red tape for me to complete the prototype. I drove it around Danville for about two years (getting quite a bit of attention, too!) before moving up to Baltimore, MD.

Here are a few pictures of the Original Vehicle:

A view of the front,
the back,
how about this cockpit?

My thanks to everyone who helped, inpired, guided, and basically all my friends and family who supported me in my pursuit of this not-so-practical dream. Especially: Danny, of Danny's Welding (plays a mean banjo, too) Pee Wee and Jay of P&J Automotive (for the suspension parts) Barry Beggarly of Barry Beggarly Racing (more suspension parts) Phillip and Susan Hearp, for the guidance, friendship, and more than I will ever be able to pay back. Ricky and all the gang out at Sir Richard's Restaurant and Lounge (the best steakhouse in the county!) All of the friends I met, had fun with, grew with, loved, and left... ...I still remember "the old days".

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